Tips for Hosting a Cheerful Christmas Party in a Small Space

Wednesday Dec 13th, 2023



Living in a tiny space is a challenge in everyday life. Space becomes precious on a whole new level during the holiday season. A small home doesn’t mean you have to ditch the seasonal décor and gathering—you just have to be a little more creative with your space.  Follow these simple steps so you can still pull together a perfect party where guests will embrace the charm of your cozy space.

1. Repurpose what you have
Get creative and use available space in a unique way. A kitchen sink filled with ice acts as a cooler when housing beverages, bottles of wine and carafes. A coffee table becomes a "dining area" when covered with a solid white tablecloth. Guests will appreciate a casual party vibe when they see pillows on the floor encouraging them to kick back and relax.
Keep the kitchen island functional during the holidays, Place a vintage sled in the centre for displaying snacks while keeping the rest of the space around free for preparing meals and cocktails.

2. Take a minimalist approach
An abundance of clutter makes any room feel small and cramped. Less is more, try using simple centrepieces such as one singular flower in place of large centrepieces and clean, solid lines compared to loads of patterns.
Swap your tablecloth with a table runner and set out white or ivory candles down its centre this gives your room interest and texture while making it feel larger.

3. Use a mini tabletop tree
You may not have room for the pine tree of your dreams—but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your favourite ornaments. Put tiny tabletop surfaces to use by snipping greenery from backyard trees and arranging the stems in a vase. Use the space below the cutting tree to arrange gifts as a tiny alternative to a traditional Christmas tree.

4. Deck out the unexpected
Use the front of your built-ins and bookcases to display holiday decor like wreaths, garlands, or tree cuttings. A built-in display case with clear glass fronts creates the perfect backdrop to place a fresh magnolia wreath front and centre.

5. Use the stairs with style
If you've run out of space to keep gifts stacked in your living room, put your stairs to work as gift risers. Simply, keep wrapped gifts piled toward one side of the landing.

6. Add cozy elements
Two other favourite elements that mustn’t be missed: are candles and fur. You seriously can’t go wrong with these! Place candles everywhere, preferably in holiday scents of course, and then pile fur blankets wherever there’s room for a cozying up area with loved ones.

7. Make guests move around
With limited seating options, your party’s first arrivals might end up hogging the sofa and dining chairs the whole night, leaving everyone else tired. Instead of offering a sit-down meal, consider drinks and appetizers located in different spots around the space—like a dessert bar or a cheese-and-nuts table—which encourage people to stand up and move around. 

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